Summer 2015, New York

My interpretation of photography is the self-expression. The images come from an idea, from a feeling, from an emotion. Like many other visual artists, I find myself tethered with this desire to explore the way in which we are integrated in the world of our experiences.

We draw from our pot of experience,feelings, desires, experimentations, and mix them together to build a narrative mood. Image becomes a projection of what we feel for ourselves and for our world. And our work becomes a real part of who we are. I am inspired by cinema, yet still images are much more abstract expression than motions. Still images can capture moments you can’t see with your naked eyes. As a still image-maker, I work with a mood and with a suggestion of something that enables the viewers to imagine themselves in a situation. A good picture can make people dream. 

I am very interested in the concept of “authentic” and “reality”. I think the art form need to render a real world as well as the humanity of the moment.  My expression is realism because it speaks to me more directly. My work is developed from that to an immersive and tactile pseudo-reality and I felt being existence standing on a bridge between two worlds wrestling with the ideas of being real and fantasy. Women are major part of my work. I’ve always found women intriguing, versatile, mysterious, and expressional. They can radiate an impression of strength. That strength is universal and I find it fascinating.

Many feel the same way as me, that the vast majority of the fashion industry is repetitive. I find myself partnered with fashion industry in a symbiosis. I am drawn to something that’s a little bit more personal and intimate. The collaboration with my clients is an unique process to visualize our character to represent the brand. And I’m happy doing what I do.