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  • Evangelista in China

      I happened to flip through this page on an special edition vogue this month. Photography by Arthur Elgort in 1993.  I was 5 and my dad was riding the exactly same bike to take me to school every day. And who knows, me and Evangelista may picked up the watermelon from the same farmer.

  • Westford Scout

      Wait for the winter, when it’s icy and white. next shoot will be here

  • Naeem Khan shoot

      Shooting day       server ip

  • Prep Day



      Setting prep day for Naeem Khan, a New York based luxury brand.  I heard Michelle Obama really like their stuff. It seems the Buddha is really thinking hard to choose the Louboutin shoes We are building an amazon forest here, It gonna be an exciting Ad ! My friends and the assistant for the shoot is…

  • Master Roubao

     Late night casting with designer from ACFN.  Again, Roubao is the attention black hole. Iceland expiring sites . link checker

  • China: Through the Looking Glass

      It was a great show as many has pointed out. The buddha used to wear gold when it was built. I felt that Director Wong Kai Wei was presenting a relationship between the past and the current, about what people is believing, or driven into.   domain maps

  • Master Rou Bao

    Master Rou Bao

      Sometimes, it’s a serious decision to make the call of which girl will be the face of to represent the brand. My advise is follow your instinct. If you got none left, let Master Rou Bao do it ! He is the best. LOL